EXPLORER 2.0 Black/Green

EXPLORER 2.0 Black/Green

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What makes YBIKE’s Explorer 2.0 Go-Kart different from other go-karts?

Updated from the original, the new Explorer 2.0 has an adjustable frame that can be reduced for smaller kids as young as 4 and grow with larger kids up to 10 – 15 years old. The 2.0 can hold riders up to 154 lbs. The updated wheels are lighter, faster, and easy to maneuver and offer increased tread life. Just like the original this three wheeled pedal powered vehicle has back wheel steering and two easy to grip steering handles that make the ride secure and simple to maneuver. Sturdy puncture proof tires make riding on and off pavement a breeze. The 2.0 also includes a rear safety flag. Kids engage their muscles while having fun, using “kid power” on this sleek three-wheeled Go-Kart. YBIKE Explorer is available in navy/orange and black/green.

YBIKE Awards and Buzz:
• Babble Best Kids Toys 2011
• Parenting Magazine Best of Toys 2012

YBIKE Explorer features:
• Recommended ages 5 and up
• Kid powered - no batteries just pedal power
• Gets kids to unplug and trade screen time for green time outdoors
• Sleek design and engineering with rear wheel steering and easy to grip handles
• Maximum weight 110 lbs.
• SRP $209.99

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